Facts and Statistics

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  1. 42% of college students have experienced and/or perpetrated physical violence during their relationships.
  2. Dating violence includes both physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.
  3. Physical abuse: kicking, slapping, punching, pushing, and hitting.
  4. Emotional abuse: debasing an individual’s self worth, integrity, and increasing unhealthy dependency
  5. Sexual abuse: one partner coercing the other to engage in sexual acts.
  6. In cases of physical and/or emotional abuse, it is highly plausible for sexual abuse to occur.


The following statistics were taken from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2007:

53% of victims of domestic violence were abused by a current or former boyfriend or girlfriend.

21% of college students report having experienced dating violence by a current partner.  32% experienced dating violence by a previous partner.

13% of college women report they were forced to have sex by a dating partner.

Among college students who were sexually assaulted, 35% of attempted rapes occurred on dates, 22% of threatened rapes occurred on dates, and 12% of completed rapes occurred on dates.

60% of acquaintance rapes on college campuses occur in casual or steady dating relationships.

Over 13% of college women report they have been stalked.  Of these, 42% were stalked by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.

Nearly one third of college students report having physically assaulted a dating partner in the previous 12 months (Break the Cycle, Inc., 2005).

As many as one quarter of female students experience sexual assault over the course of their college career (Break the Cycle, Inc., 2005).

Approximately 90% of victims of sexual assault on college campuses know their attacker (Break the Cycle, Inc., 2005).

1 in 3 college couples engage in one or more violent acts during the course of their romantic relationship. Luthra and Gidyez (2006) .

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