The RAVE Project

Recent research has shown us that domestic violence is a very real problem not just for the average North American family, but for families that go to church, too. Now that this problem of domestic violence in religious households has been recognized, resources are becoming available to help the victims of abuse and those who support them. One of these resources is The RAVE (Religion and Violence e-Learning) Project website, which provides a wealth of faith-based information for church members struggling with abuse, and church leaders who are seeking to find the most effective way to deal with mistreatment within their congregations.
The RAVE Project website offers a broad range of voices, including survivors of domestic violence, therapists, advocates, academics, criminal justice workers, and religious leaders. The resources available for church leaders on the site include sermon materials, online training (where one can read the actual stories of victims who sought help from their church or pastor), and instructional lessons provided in 15-minutes segments easily saved as podcasts to listen to when time allows.
There is also an abundance of information available for Christian women in abusive marriages or relationships and for those who want to be prepared to help them. These include instructions on how to recognize the signs of family violence, a detailed safety plan that can be downloaded and personalized for any situation, and contact information for every women’s shelter in North America.
The RAVE Project is committed to providing knowledge and support for those families of faith impacted by abuse. They are dedicated to the mission of offering a place where those experiencing violence in their home can find hope and the resources to make a change in their lives for the better. To find out more about The RAVE Project, visit their website at